InfraFoam™ 8"x50' Spiral Duct Wrap Insulation Kit

  • Foil Tape, Razor Knife, and Squeegee Included
  • Reflects up to 97% of Radiant Heat - Excellent Vapor Barrier
  • No Itch, Easy to Work With, Flexible and Long Lasting, Cuts Easily with Razor Knife
  • Non Toxic - Insect, Bird, and Rodent Resistant
  • Indoor Air Quality Rated Reflective Insulation and Weatherization Product

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InfraFoam™ Insulation Kits are designed to save energy and make your life more comfortable in everyday applications. InfraFoam™ is a flexible, light weight insulation product manufactured using a polyethylene foam core with a reinforced double or single sided aluminum facing. InfraFoam™ can be used in all areas of the building industry as well as many other applications in other industries. Used either alone or in conjunction with other mass insulation, InfraFoam™ can be used to save money on heating and cooling costs.

Additional Info

Additional Info

Manufacturer InfraFoam
Product Code DIYIF-DWKFF850
Details Double sided scrimmed aluminum foil laminated to polyethylene foam
Kit Contains Insulation, 25' Tape, Razor, Knife, Squeegee
Product Width 8 inch
Product Length 50 feet
Core Polyethylene Foam
Facings Foil / Foil
Nominal Thickness 7/32 inch
Edging Square / Trimmed
Flame and Smoke ASTM E-84
Flame Spread Less than 25
Smoke Developed Less than 50
Full Scale Fire Test NFPA 286 - Foil / Foil Passed
R-Value Up to R-11*
Perm Rating E-96 - .008
Emittance ASTM C-1371 - 0.03

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