Can you Email 12 Quality Images?

If so, we want to give you a rebate, a big one.

Pictures of actual projects are extremely helpful other customers and if you are willing to share yours, we are willing to give you an incredible deal. In many cases your order may be almost free.

We are offering a $25 rebate for quality project images we can use. Our goal with Diy Insulation Kits is to create a very informal website showcasing the wide variety of applications InfraFoam insulation can be used in. Each new project gets added to the front page and a project page created detailing the project.

The only thing you have to do is let us know you want the rebate. We’ll review the images. Providing they are of good quality and show the various stages of the project we will thank you and cut you a check for $25.00.

  • Rebate not to exceed purchase price.
  • Please see our privacy policy here.

Example Image 1 for Rebate

Example Image 2 for Rebate